Use Cases

Use Cases #

Waku is a generalized communication network. It can enable numerous use cases, both person-to-person (e.g. messenger) and machine-to-machine (e.g. state channels).

This is a non-exhaustive list of use cases that we have considered and their current status.

If we are aware of other projects using js-waku and other use cases that could be implemented, feel free to open a PR.


  • Live: We are aware of projects who have implemented this use case.
  • SDK Available: An SDK is available to easily implement this use case.
  • Work In Progress: We are aware of projects working to implement this use case.
  • Proof of Concept: A Proof of concept was created, sometimes as part of a hackathon.
  • Idea: This is an unexplored use case, more research and work may be needed.

Chat Messenger #

Work In Progress

Waku can be used as the communication layer to a private, decentralized, censorship-resistant messenger.

Polls #

SDK Available

Create, answer and view polls which are censorship-resistant.

NFT Marketplace #


Use Waku to take NFT bids and offers off-chain and save gas. Add a social media layer, allowing NFT owners to like, comments, etc.

State Channels #


Use Waku to enable two parties to setup and maintain a state channel.

Voting and Proposals #

SDK Available

For proposals submitted on the blockchain, exchange votes over Waku to save gas. Votes can then be aggregated and submitted to the blockchain to commit the result.

Create, answer and view polls which are censorship-resistant.

Signature Exchange for Multi-Sig Wallets #


Use Waku to enable several owners of a given multi-sig wallets to exchange signatures in a decentralized, private & censorship-resistant manner to approve transactions.

Gameplay Communication #

Proof of Concept

Use Waku as the communication layer for a peer-to-peer, decentralize game. Remove the need of a centralized infrastructure for gameplay communications.

dApp to Wallet Communication #


Communication between a user’s wallet and a dApp can be used by dApp operators to notify users (e.g. governance token holders get notified to vote on a proposal), or for a dApp to request transaction signature to the wallet.

Layer 2 Communication #


Use Waku as an existing communication network to broadcast and aggregate layer 2 transactions. Possibly increasing privacy, anonymity and resilience.

Generalized Marketplace #

Proof of Concept

Use Waku to enable users to offer, bid, accept and trade goods and services to create a ride-sharing or tradings apps.

Social Media Platform #


Chat Messenger is one form of social media that can be empowered by Waku to be decentralized and censorship-resistant. Other form of social media: news feed, blog posts, audio or video sharing, can also benefit of Waku.