Nwaku Service Node

Nwaku Service Node #

JS-Waku nodes join the Waku network by connecting to service nodes using secure websocket.

Nwaku (prev. nim-waku) is the reference implementation of the Waku v2 protocol and can be used as a service node.

When using { bootstrap: { default: true } }, the js-waku node connects to a fleet of nwaku nodes operated by Status.

It is also possible to deploy your own nwaku node by following these instructions. Be sure to setup your nwaku node with a valid SSL certificate or js-waku nodes may fail silently to connect to it.

We are making it easier for operators to run their own nodes, this is effort is tracked with status-im/nim-waku#828.

You may wish to connect your nwaku node to the rest of the fleet. This can be done with the --staticnode or --dns-discovery-url. For example:

`wakunode2 \
  --dns-discovery=true \
  --dns-discovery-url=enrtree://[email protected]nodes.status.im

You can then use bootstrap.peers to pass the multiaddr of your node.

For example (replace the multiaddr with your node’s).

import { Waku } from "js-waku";

const waku = await Waku.create({
  bootstrap: {
    peers: [